Thursday, November 29, 2007


The auction benefiting Transformer Gallery was lots of fun. I sold both pieces and there was some other really excellent art there. I got to meet lots of intersting people there and Transformer raised lots of money to help fund and fuel their programming. There were excellent DJs and pretty good snacks there too; I love a good Tuna Tar-Tar. HAR HAR!

That weekend in DC, we stayed at a crazy hotel with techno playing in the lobby and Pop Rocks and Wax Lips in the mini-bar. I also saw lots of cute dogs, great houses, a roof top garden and someone fall into a pool, which I thought only happened in movies. Did you know it happens in real life also? The morning after the auction I ate crepes with my family and friends. listened to Sean Lennon and some old Mix Tapes in the car on the way home. I digress...

In Other News: I will have some work in Transformer's upcoming Flat File Show. So save your rupees and pesos and rials and yen and euros and dollars and then head over to Transformer and check it out! I'll post more details when I know more.

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Dave said...

the person that won Gossip came in yesterday to pick it up and really liked the bathroom!
see you in a few hours i guess.